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It's here! The Number 1 Most Viral Video! 
The Vancouver Side in March is counting down the top 10 most viral videos EVER! 
Gary Bock, Jim Mains and Harrison Lynch have created nearly 100 videos since 2011. 
Countdown Number 1 - The Christmas Gift 

Celebrating the holiday season in Vancouver, Gary and Jim share a Christmas story with Santa Claus.

The Vancouver Side remembers Rob Figley, our very own Santa Claus. You will be missed, my friend.

View and comment on YouTube.

“Our community conquistadors.”
– Lou Brancaccio, The Columbian

“These guys are seriously nuts! ”
– Pat Jollota, 2012 First Citizen

“Almost criminally inane.”
– Sheriff Garry Lucas, Clark County

“This is the team that brought Vancouver its most successful, and possibly its first, guerrilla fundraiser-slash-online-community-spectacle ”
– Northbank Magazine

“A widely popular, hyper-local video blog.”
– Broadsheet360

“Vancouver’s Dudes ”
– The Columbian

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